Municipal Aerated Lagoon

Odor Treatment

 Nisgav WWTP located in the south of Israel, is operated by the local municipality and treats wastewater at an average of 10,000 m3/day for reuse in irrigation. Due to the malfunctioning exsiting aeration equipment, odors began emanating from the aerated lagoon and the municipality received numerous complaints from the neighboring residents.


To solve the odor problem and improve the effluent quality


Replacing the existing floating lateral diffusers with Mapal’s FFBA™ system. The system was designed to operate with the existing blower while improving the oxygen transfer efficiency. Mapal’s system comprised of six floating aerators, which were installed without stopping the process.


Several days after the installation of Mapal’s aeration system the odor problem disappeared. A few months later the regional council received a thank you letter from its residents stating that solving the problem significantly improved their quality of life.

"Having immediately noticed the improvement in the odor problem, days and weeks went by and we realized that the problem had been solved permanently improving the quality of life for all of us! We want to express our gratitude to the local council for making its residents a top priority." A quote from the letter written by the neighboring residents.