Floating & Retrievable Fine Bubble
Wastewater Aeration Solutions

Add oxygen quickly, safely & easily to your WWTP

Increasing oxidation in the biological treatment of industrial & municipal wastewater reactors & lagoons. 

Aeration systems designed for easy installation & maintenance in live reactors & lagoons, without interrupting the process, without emptying the pool, and without entering the wastewater.

Find the best Aeration Solution for your needs

I currently have

I currently have Diffusers

Mapal floating aeration systems can be added above your existing fixed-to- the-floor diffusers when your reactor requires additional oxygen due to:
1. Increase in flow rate.
2. Growing load.
3. Odour problems.
4. Failing equipment.
Installation is conducted with a crane safely and easily, therefore, there is no need to drain the pool.

I currently have
Surface Aerators

I currently have Surface Aerators

Mapal aeration systems can be added alongside your existing surface aerators as supplemental aeration, to provide extra capacity in aeration basins suffering from:
1. Inefficient aeration.
2. Lack of oxygen in depth of pool.
3. High energy consumption.
4. Odour problems.
5. Failing equipment.
The benefits of our aeration technology can come into place when basin depth is above 1.5 meters. Installation is performed with sufficient restraints to hold the systems in place so they are not drawn into the surface aerators.

Building a new
Aeration Basin

Building a new Aeration Basin

Considering building a new diffuser aerated basin? We provide full tailor made aeration solutions for all aeration basins, accompanying our customers from the initial design through installation to post sale support. Enjoy the benefits of Mapal’s technology:
1. Retrievable units that are easy to install and easy to remove for maintenance.
2. Robust stainless steel structure with 5 years warranty.
3. A variety of membrane materials adjusted to specific waste water conditions.

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