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Retrievable & Floating Fine Bubble Aeration Systems

Mapal’s retrievable fine bubble aerators offer a variety of solutions to meet your aeration demands. Our modular units, floating and stationary, allow for bespoke solutions in any wastewater application.

We have made our equipment simple to install and easy to maintain, saving you both time and money. Efficient design and high quality materials make our units a reliable and long lasting solution, even in aggressive environments. Mapal’s patented systems approach the challenge of biological wastewater treatment, both municipal and industrial, by merging the strengths of surface aeration technology with the efficiency of sub-surface fine bubble aeration systems. Each unit incorporates a structure and tubular fine bubble diffusers from robust stainless steel (other materials available on request); a balancing system of UV resistant Polypropylene floats;  an inbuilt airlift purge system to remove condensation and liquids that may have entered the piping system; and we accommodate our clients with a wide range of membrane materials, including EPDM, PU, Silicone, PTFE, and more, to suit the specific wastewater conditions.

Floating Fine Bubble Aeration
Grid Unit

FFBA – Grid unit

  • Floating and Retrievable
  • Mapal SS diffuser
  • Air Flow rate – Up to 1000 Nm3/hr
  • Robust structure
  • Excellent floor coverage

Floating Fine Bubble Aeration
Spiral Unit

FFBA – Spiral unit

  • Floating and Retrievable
  • Mapal Spiral diffuser
  • Air Flow rate – Up to 500 Nm3/hr
  • Low cost

Retrievable Fine Bubble Aeration
Grid Unit

RFBA – Grid unit

  • Retrievable
  • Mapal SS diffuser
  • Air Flow rate – Up to 1000 Nm3/hr
  • Robust structure
  • Excellent floor coverage

Custom Design

Custom made design to specific customer requirements.

Airlift Purge System

Each aeration unit has its own airlift purge system to remove condensation
and liquids that may have entered the piping system.


Our fine bubble diffusers are designed and manufactured by Mapal and are implemented in both our Retrievable Fine Bubble Aeration systems and Floating Fine Bubble Aeration systems.

The tubular diffusers designed and manufactured by Mapal are comprised of a stainless steel tube, fitted with fine bubble membranes, providing our clients a robust system with a long life-span.
The unique tubular diffuser is extremely reliable and is the standard diffuser in all our grid systems.
The diffuser has a flanged connection to the main air pipe and is available in lengths of up to 2 meters, which results in excellent floor coverage.
Mapal uses standard tubular fine bubble membranes (90mmØ) which are held in place by high quality stainless steel clamps and are available in a variety of materials, including EPDM, Silicon, PTFE and PU. Our diffusers are significantly more economical compared to plastic diffusers, when considering long term use, as only the membrane itself requires replacement for maintenance purposes. The stainless steel inner-tube of the diffuser does not break under the weight of ragging and/or sludge as is common with plastic diffusers.

Benefits: Why choose Mapal Aeration Solutions?

  • Installation and maintenance are done quickly and easily with a crane, in full and active concrete reactors or dug out lagoons, with no process interruption and no downtime, as there is no need to drain the aeration basin.
  • The units can be installed in addition to any existing aeration system – alongside fixed-to-the floor diffusers or surface aerators – with no need to modify the plant’s infrastructure.
  • Modular units are easy to add, remove or reposition as the process demands, with no need to stop or drain the reactor.
  • Installation can be performed in any type of aeration basin, no matter the floor type. The units float levelled above the floor or above fixed-to-the-floor diffusers.
  • Adjustable air flow rates can be supplied to individual units.
  • We provide excellent floor coverage.
  • Installation and maintenance are safe. No wall or floor guide rails are necessary; there is no need for people to enter the water by bridge or boat.
  • The systems can be custom-made for any type of reactor or lagoon at every scale of operation, are suitable for supplemental aeration or upgrade for existing plants and for new builds.
  • Mapal provides reliable quality service with full pre-sale and post-sale support.
  • We can provide aeration treatment of contaminated natural water sources where oxygen is urgently required to rejuvenate the environment.

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