About Us

About Mapal Aeration Solutions

Mapal Aeration Solutions, founded in 2008, is a global, Israeli based, technology company that designs, manufactures and supplies Fine Bubble wastewater aeration solutions. The company has a patented technology for Retrievable Fine Bubble Aeration systems (RFBA™) and  Floating Fine Bubble Aeration systems (FFBA™). We provide wastewater aeration solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of any type and size, and offer a range of aeration products that provide complete and customized solutions. The aeration units can work alongside existing fixed-to-the-floor diffusers and surface aeration, for supplemental oxygen.

We Offer:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment solutions for reactors and lagoons
  • Aeration and mixing solutions
  • Upgrades for wastewater treatment plants
  • Rental equipment for supplemental/emergency aeration

Mapal’s Strategy

Our strategy is to provide a quick solution to lack of oxygen in wastewater, safely and easily.
Lack of oxygen in wastewater can be a result of a range of reasons: broken down equipment requiring repair, insufficient or ineffective aeration, peak season, and more. We have found that wastewater operators face great challenges in dealing with these situations, due to the difficulty in emptying the aeration basin in order to repair or replace broken down equipment, or the safety hazards of requiring a person to enter the wastewater for maintenance. In many cases this results in the wastewater treatment plant just being left as is, without dealing with the situation as required.
This is why we have designed a wastewater aeration solution that can provide supplemental oxygen easily and quickly, in a full and active aeration basin, without needing to drain the pool, stop the process, or for a person to enter the wastewater, and can operate alongside existing aeration.
We do so by placing ready aeration units in the wastewater with a crane. There are no people and no electricity in the water.
A blower is connected outside the pool to airpipes that lead to the diffusers.
The immediate need for oxygen has also lead us to develop a business model which enables our customers to rent the aeration units for as long as they need them. This enables the expense to come out of the Opex rather than the Capex budget.

Mapal’s Environmental Commitment

Mapal Aeration Solutions is committed to minimizing the impact of its carbon footprint on the environment in its overall activities. The basic principles behind Mapal’s aeration units, their concept, method and use, are all focused on being environmentally friendly:
  1. Concept – Wastewater aeration Water Re-use – Aerated wastewater, following sufficient treatment, becomes suitable for agriculture irrigation or for returning to a natural water source.
  2. Method – Diffuser aeration
    1. Reduced contamination – Whereas with surface aeration aerosols consisting of harmful chemicals, germs and bad odours pollute the air, diffuser aeration occurs in the depth of the water therefore no contaminated water is thrown into the air.
    2. Energy efficiency – Energy consumption is significantly lower using diffusers than surface aeration.
    3. Effluent consent – Diffuser Aeration is more efficient in the depth (>1.8 m) of the pool than surface aeration, enabling reaching the required environmental effluent consent.
  3. Mapal’s unique waste reduction solution Mapal’s robust stainless steel aeration system structure enables:
    1. Unit Re-use – Mapal’s units can be removed from the water and installed in different basins as needed.
    2. Reduced carbon footprint – Mapal’s rental option significantly reduces the waste incurred in producing new units and the environmental effects of old units disposal.
    3. Sustainability – when diffuser membrane needs replacement, our unit can be retrieved from the water, and the membrane can easily be replaced.

Mapal’s history at a glance

First export and installation
of units outside of Israel


First financing round


Second financing round


First rental of units


First assembly of Spiral Aeration units
to support the rental market 


Mapal has conducted over 100 installations worldwide including Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, and the UK.
Third financing round.
Opening of office in Australia


First Mapal installation in Chile.


Signing of cooperation agreement between Mapal and  Northavon Water Solutions.


Mapal’s values

Our customer oriented approach combined with punctuality and reliability provide you with the quality service you deserve.

Our values:

  • Professionalism: we invest in our team, training them in the most advanced wastewater treatment and engineering workshops.
  • Innovation: we strive to bring unique solutions to the wastewater aeration world.
  • Reliability: we are determined to be the best at what we do, constantly testing our products and enhancing them, to provide robust systems on schedule.
  • Integrity: we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine in the way we handle our business.
  • Service matters: we communicate with our customers at all times, with prompt correspondence.

Mapal Aeration Solutions’ engineering expertise offers a complete solution from pre-sale consultancy services to post-sale support. Our skilled engineers will work alongside your in-house experts to design, test and implement improved wastewater treatment processes that are best suited to your needs.
We can work with both Tier 1 consulting organizations or directly with the wastewater processing unit itself.

Mapal’s Company Commitment

Mapal Green Energy Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, and to provide information, training and supervision needed to achieve our goal.
The company’s management consistently strives to improve the training of all employees and update their knowledge of health, safety and environmental procedures as well as to provide them with the means to manage their activities responsibly in terms of quality and environment.
Good environmental management is central to our activities and we seek to limit the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business and enhance environmental quality in areas where it has influence. Mapal acknowledges environmental management, in preserving environmental resources with consideration of water resources, land resources and air resources, as issues that are their priority and are a crucial factor in the operational activity of the company.
The company will continuously improve its environmental plans and operations as a result of its commitment to continual improvement and prevention of environmental pollution, while committing to work and act according to the requirements of every law, regulation and others.
Mapal aims to supply energy saving aeration systems for treatment of wastewater of a high quality and in accordance with laws, standards and regulations in order to fulfill the client’s requirements as they appear in the specifications and as they appear in the implicit requirements.
All the activities in the quality and environmental domain will include and require all the company factors and will be carried out according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and internal procedures. The company takes upon itself to perform its work – in accordance with the laws, obligating governmental specifications and official standards – in the course of continual improvement.
The company will inform all people working for it or on its behalf of the quality and environmental policy principles. Mapal will encourage the adoption of the quality and environmental policy principles by its subcontractors who work for it and/or vendors who supply merchandise and/or services, and will encourage and require its subcontractors and vendors to improve their methods of work so as to suit the company’s policy in terms of quality and environmental management.

Coutex in Israel

Mapal is the exclusive representative of Coutex Spain in Israel. Coutex is a member of the Sorigue Group (founded in 1954), which specializes in the design, manufacture, assembly, and maintenance of machinery and equipment for water treatment. Their offering includes gates, screens, sieves, filters, decanting, desanding, degreasing, ventilation, Archimedes screws, and equipment for storm tank cleaning.