Our Policy Health Safety

Mapal Green Energy Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, and to providing the information, training and supervision needed to achieve this.
Good environmental management is central to our activities and we seek to limit the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business and enhance environmental quality in areas where it has influence.
The company’s management will consistently improve the training of all employees and update their knowledge of the health, safety and environmental procedures.
The safety procedures apply to all of the company’s employees.

  1. Before carrying out work for the company, the employee must confirm the he/she was
    briefed about HSE (Health & Safety& Environment) by the Work manager or Safety
  2. Before installation, the Safety supervisor must confirm that the equipment, tools and
    area are safe to use.
  3. The Safety supervisor should make sure that the workers abide to the HSE procedures
    during installation.
  4. The Work manager is obligated to provide protective clothing and equipment to the
  5. The Work Manager must make sure that the employees wear protective clothing (long
    pants, long sleeved shirt, helmet, work shoes…).
  6. The Work manager/ Safety supervisor must confirm that each worker read, understand
    and signed the Health & Safety procedures form prior entering the work area (installation).
  7. The Work manager must ensure all accidents/incidents are reported.
  8. The Safety supervisor is obligated to give an annual course and quarterly training
    reminder regarding the H & S procedures.
  9. The CEO will make sure that the company meets all environmental legislation related to
    the company.
  10. The CEO is responsible to initiate annual training programs for environmental
  11. The CTO will strive to develop techniques and technologies that use environmental
    friendly materials.